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Arrr mateys!

Irr be setting sails to Tortuga and be wanting to reunite a crew of fine gents, we be comandeering a fancy ship most certainly, savvy?
Aye, here be the list:

(En otras palabras, ¿quiénes harían una excelente tripulación pirata?)

  • Cap’n Han solo – He be providing leadership in case I be not providing leadership.
  • Tom Sawyer – Awmm… he be a resourceful lad.
  • Snoopy – He be telling me of all your insurrections.
  • Huckleberry Finn – We be sending him to peril and certain death ahead of us.
  • Becky Thatcher – We be needing someone to trow off board, just in case.
  • HAL-9000 – He be providing leadership to all them mutineers.
  • Lt. Ellen Ripley – She be providing leadership in case the ones who provide leadership be not providing leadership whatsoever. Savvy?
  • Gríma Wormtongue – All ships need a hideous and disgusting character.
  • Aragorn – All ships also need a man noble hearted and stubborn headed who be complaining “bloody pirates this, and bloody pirates that”.
  • Conan – He be requesting pasage. Really no point in negating his fine requisition.
  • M. Bison – He be releaving from heavy burden of providing leadership to the mutineers to the previous leader of them mutineers.

Aye, that be the list.

If ye be knowing of more fine gents to join the crew, be telling!

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  1. foghorn leghorn: now wait, I say, now wait a minute there sister!!
    (cómo pudiste olvidar al gallo claudio? inepto!

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