Blade Runner: Love Scene

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Everyone complains about the lack of chemistry between Ford and Young, thus they argue Deckard and Rachael’s love is forced, underacted and dull: It’s not.

They don’t love each other.

She knows he’s investigating replicants —that’s certainly the rumor on the nets— and she suspects she’s one. Imagine what it took to convince herself to go ask for his help.

Taffy Lewis’ – Blade Runner.

Picture the scene at Taffy Lewis’: he calls her… and comes across as a creepy stalker —at best.

So, overcoming her fears, she shows up after breaking on his apartment. He insists —in that she’s a sixus— and backs down when he realizes he’s being an idiot, but acting as if it were a tiring and difficult thing, because he’s actually bothered by her presence, her imposing on his routine.

Remember, Replicants are like any other machine; they’re either a benefit or a hazard, so she’s below human to him. Is this so difficult to grasp, must it be written down?

She’s a machine that looks like a gorgeous girl. He proceeds to abuse her a bit. She’s complaint.

Add that he’s frustrated and hates his life, he has no friends, he’s powerless before his ex-superiors, and hits clumsily and rather aggressively on any woman he gets to talk to —as evidenced.

He took the chance to have sex with a beautiful and willing skinjob. Hard.

Rachael - Blade Runner.

Rachael – Blade Runner.

You can even say she has anticipated the most probable possibilities, and assumed payment were most likely to be required. Of course, in this post mortem world, suggesting that would be the same as saying he raped her.

And there’s also another reason: you’re so used to chemistry in movie couples, that your brain falls utterly to grasp the concept of a much more realistic lack of chemistry between strangers on their positions.

I’ve always found their “love” scene quite correct.

One more kiss, dear.

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