Que dado soy?

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I am a d4

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You are a four-sided die, a d4. Otherwise known as a tetrahedron, a “Caltrop”, or (to a lesser degree) “Ol’ Pointy”. This crap bores you, so I’ll get to the point. Others tend to see you as petty, conniving, manipulative, argumentative, defensive, greedy, and needlessly antagonistic. You see yourself as focused, effective, efficient, influencing, shrewd, tactical, and direct. Both points of view are in fact correct. You always know the best way to get things done, a fact that never wins sympathy with others. Whenever you manage to gain control of a situation, your solutions are swift and brutal. Unfortunately everyone else is convinced that granting you such power is, “a bad thing” and often conspire to keep it out of your hands. Such short-sighted fools!
(Soy un d4: listo, desconsiderado y maligno)
Eres un dado de 4 lados, un d4. Conocido como tetraedro. Esta basura te aburre, así que al grano. Los demás te ven como desconsiderado, conspirador, manipulador, argumentativo, defensivo, ambicioso y innecesariamente antagonista. Tu te ves como enfocado, efectivo, eficiente, influenciante, listo, táctico y directo. Ambos puntos de vista son correctos. Tu siempre sabes como hacer que las cosas se hagan, un hecho que jamás te gana simpatía con los demás. Siempre que te haces con el control de una situación, tus soluciones son rápidas y brutales. Desafortunadamente todos los demás estan convencidos de que otorgarte tal poder es “una mala idea” y conspiran con regularidad para mantenerlo fuera de tus manos. Tontos de corta visión!


3 thoughts on “Que dado soy?

  1. You are the rare, the overlooked, yet incredibly useful dodecahedron: the d12. You are a creative, romantic soul. You often act without thinking, but make up for your lack of plans with plenty of heart. You easily solve problems that stump others, but your answers tend to put you into even deeper trouble. You write long, detailed backgrounds for all your characters, and are most likely to dress up as one or get involved in cos-play. You can be silly at times and are easily distracted by your own day dreams, but are at the end of the day you’re someone who can be depended on.

  2. Ah, the d10! While you aren’t actually a true regular polyhedron, you are the only die that makes logical sense–metrically speaking. Chances are, others see you as over-analytical or a goody-goody. While that may be true, you also have a gift for patience and tolerance. Growing up you probably had a calculator wristwatch that you never really needed to use (since you were faster on your own), and you probably aced all your classes (except for gym). You use the metric system almost exclusively, but are able to quickly convert in mid-conversation for the sake of your backwards Imperalist friends. You’ve coded in at least two different programming languages, and have created more original gaming systems than you’ll ever admit. You’re generally not a show-off, but you do take pride in being called either a geek or a nerd.

  3. I´m a d8 deep, dark and cynical.
    No use trying to fight it, you’re an eight-sided die, a d8. A fine example of simple elegance, the d8 is one of the least appreciated types of dice, and is often neglected. You are known to be quiet and shy, outward traits that conceal viscous sarcasm and mean wit. You are very smart, yet wise enough to hide your intelligence the quicker they found out how smart you are, the sooner they’ll put you to work, which is something you can do without. People call you dark and pessimistic, or moody and cynical. You find little point in arguing.

    (Soy un d8. Cinismo oscuro y profundo)
    No tiene caso resistirte, eres un dado de 8 lados, un d8. Un fino ejemplo de elegancia simple, el d8 es uno de los tipos de dado menos apreciado, y es frecuentemente rechazado. Eres tranquila y timida, sintomas externos que ocultan sarcasmo vicioso e inteligencia maligna. 👿 Eres muy lista, pero lo suficientemente sabia para esconder tu inteligencia por que entre mas rapido se den cuenta de que lo eres, mas rapido te pondran a trabajar, y puedes vivir sin eso. La gente te llama oscura y pesimista, o voluble y cinica. Encuentras poco valor en discutir. 😉

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