Revelation Space

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It was a war encompassing the entire galaxy (and the two smaller satellite galaxies wich orbited the Milky Way) — one wich consumed not just planets, but whole solar systems, whole star systems, whole clusters of stars, and whole spiral arms. She understood that evidence of this war was visible even now, if one knew where to look. There were anomalous concentrations of dead stars in some regions of the galaxy, and still-burning stars in odd alignments; husked components of weapons-systems light-years wide. There were voids where there ought to have been stars, and stars wich — according to the accepted dynamics of solar-system formation — ought to have had worlds but wich lacked them: only rubble, cold now. The Dawn War had lasted a long, lont time — longer even than the evolutionary timescale of the hottest stars. But on the timescale of the galaxy, it had indeed been mercifully brief; a trasnforming spasm.

¡La escala, la escala!

De Revelation Space, de Alastair Reynolds, en babilonia como siempre.

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