The Last Jungle

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It felt weird.

The feelings caused by donning atmo suits were so ingrained that you—particularly after passing through a hatch—always felt either planetside or EVA.

So, walking inside this non sequitur of a rusty iron elevated catwalk, were you can see the last jungle or forest or woods or whatever you want to call it—patch of green vegetation over 5cm high—was most weird… because this was Earth.
Was it really like this all over?
The only places with huge forests that we’ve encountered, are death traps to anything that moves—think hamadryads and up.

Someone in the team said that our preflight, err…, ancestors, used to have displays similar to this, but with some fabled aquatic leviathans inside huge tanks.

We can’t judge them. From their point of view, mankind will still be stupid for a while—baselines of course are. And it’s plausible to think that it was precisely Earth’s demise which prompted them to find a way out.

Still, it was mighty weird.

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